Since 2003, Brian Owens, founder of NCBL has taught professional boardsport lessons in Surfing, Snowboarding, Wake Surfing, SUP, and Skateboarding. Brian is one of the top instructors in the United States and has over 5000 document lessons as of 2019. As a professional instructor, his client base has included professional snowboarders, movie stars, special needs participants, and many more. His true passion lies in safely bringing new participants into the world of boardsports.

As a professional athlete, Brian's experience in the industry began in the early '90s in surfing and snowboarding. He's since owned board shops, an indoor extreme sports training facility, curated televised industry events, and judged multiple snowboarding, surfing, and wakesurfing competitions. His passion for these sports has never waivered - he'll "talk shop" with anyone!

Professional Snow and Skateboarding Instructor Brian Owens: 5,000+ board sport

In Aug 2019, Nor Cal Board Lessons (NCBL) owner and instructor Brian Owens hit the huge milestone of teaching 5,000 board sports lessons (Snow/Skate/Wake and Surf). Brian has been instructing professionally since opening NCBL in 2003. This season while teaching a beginner skateboarding class in Rancho Cordova, CA his total documented number of boardsport lessons exceeded 5,000. When asked about reaching this milestone, he responded “This is huge for me! I love that I'm able to give back to the sports I love so much”.
Brian stays booked year-round and how he does it quickly becomes apparent if you watch him teach. His demeanor and instructional vocabulary are professional and extremely supportive; his attention to detail and safety seem to make up the perfect recipe for teaching these extreme sports.

NCBL, California's premier boardsports lessons company has built its success on beginner/intermediate skateboarding and snowboarding programs but has expanded to offer adult boot camps, adult longboarding, wakesurfing, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP) lessons.
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