NCBL’s premier skateboard lessons program has been developed over the past 10 years by professional skate/snowboarding instructor Brian Owens. The program targets the complete beginner through the accomplished skateboarder utilizing safe and proven methods to teach the fundamental skills of safely riding and progressing on a board. Each course taught by one of our passionate and professional instructors focuses on the skills that promote self confidence, individual creativity, safe and fast progression, and exemplify fun, respectful skateboarding!

Objectives of all courses and classes:

  • Safely train the basic fundamentals of skateboarding
  • Inspire progression through safe, proven training techniques
  • Educate skateboarders on community respect and skatepark etiquette
  • Promote skills that will help create a lifetime of healthy outdoor fun

Skateboarding 101

Just got a new skateboard? This introductory clinic is the absolute precursor to any of our Introduction to Skateboarding-Level I classes. You will work with Brian to discover the basics of this popular sport – learn to push and control your turns, boarding tuning, and adjustments.

Level I

This GREAT course is for the person just learning to ride their first skateboard or still perfecting the ABC’s of board control. By far our most popular course producing amazing results; it’s a safe and extremely fun experience for any beginner boarder. Starting with how to properly wear pads and check a board for safety, this course teaches the important fundamentals safe skateboarding including; how to safely fall, proper foot placement, how to push, turn and stop. The course leads to carving techniques, rolling into transitions, pumping (a method of producing momentum without having to push with feet), and advanced balance training techniques. Additionally, skate park etiquette and respectful skateboarding are topics of discussion in these courses. A complete beginner skater (true first timer) may repeat this course in order to perfect the fundamentals before moving to a Level II course.

Level II

Developed for the intermediate to advanced skate park skater, this class focuses on advanced fundamentals that encourage individual skill set progression. Exercises for perfecting pumping, dropping in, rock and rolls, drops, grinds, and slides are part of the regular curriculum for this class. Advanced techniques for grinds, airs, spins, board slides and curb tricks are introduced as the class advances. Each skater develops an individual skate run throughout this class and showcases it on the last day(great photo ops).  **Level II course skaters are invited to participate in course as often as desired.